15 Aug 2007


Elvis Perkins: All the night without love (Ash Wednesday)
Luke Powers: Driving with my demon in the deep south (Picture book)
Jim Armstrong: Gypsy (Mudtown)
Lisa O’Kane: Pay for my sins (It don’t hurt)
Gwendolyn: Bu cartoon (Lower mill road
Hazmat Modine: Bahamut (Bahamut)
Andy Roberts: Kid Jealousy (and the Great Stampede)
Bob Lind: Truly Julie’s blues (Elusice butterfly)
Ricky Votolato: Before you were born (The brag and cuss)
Joe Ely: Indian cowboy (Silver City)
Chris and Carla: At the twilight’s last gleaming (Fly high brave dreamers)
John Doe: Hotel ghost (A year in the wilderness)
James Hand: In the corner, at the table (The truth will set you free!)

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