25 September 2018



Glen Clevens:  Golden cage (before teilight turns to night)
Alejandro Escovedo:  Flying (The crossing)
Brickwood Lizards: Hijaz Mandira (Haneen)
Eliades Ochoa & Alejandro Almenares: A tu retrato ( Dos gigantes de musica cubana)
Vanessa Peters: Carnival Barker (Foxhole prayers)
Courtney Krause: Doorway (Tie your tongue, bite your lips)
Marc Ribot: Bella Ciao (Songs of resistance 1942-2018)
Marc Ribot: Ain’t gonna let them turn us around (Songs of resistance)
Richard Thompson: No matter (13 rivers)
Lorrie Collins: Another man done gone (Trashcan records vol. 27)
Colin James: Dig myself a hole (Miles to go)
Tim Hardin: Speak like a child (Lost in LA)
Shawn Colvin: Cradle song (The starlighter)
Mary Havlvorson & Bill Frisell: Walk don’t run (The maid with the flacen hair – A tribute to Johnny Smith)

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