30 August 2016


Special Jim Rooney


Bill Keith: No expectations (Something auld
Woodstock Mountains Revue: Killing the Blues (More music from mud acres)
Happy & Artie Traum: Jacksboro (Double back)
Eric von Schmidt: Joshua gone Barbados (Living on the trail)
Peter Rowan: Pretty little Blanco River waltz (Bluegrass boy)
Borderline: Sleepy rider (The second album)
Bobby Charles: All the money (st)
John Hartford: My rag (Morning bugle)
John Prine: Let’s talk dirty in hawaiin (German afternoons)
Hal Ketchum: Past the point of rescue (Past the point of rescue)
John Prine & Iris Dement: Inspite of ourselves
Jack Clement: Dreaming my dreams with you (Guess things happen that way)
Iris DeMent: Let the mystery be (Infamous angel)

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