19 August 2016


Special: Take Root, Groningen


Admiral Freebee: Getting ready for love  (Wake up and dream)
Carter Sampson: Medine river  (Wilder side)
Daniel Romano: Hunger is a dream you die in (Mosey)
Doug Seegers: She’s in a rock n roll band (Going down the river)
Drew Holcomb: Sisters brothers (Medicine)
Gil Landry: Mexico (The ballad of Lawless Soirez)
Heartless Bastards: Find solutions (All this time)
Jesca Hoop & Sam Beam: Kiss me quick (Love letter for fire)
Karl Blau: Homecoming (Introducing)
Rod Picott: Just a memory (Hang your hopes on a crooked nail)
Jayhawks: The devil is in her eyes (Paging Mr. Proust)
Markus Rill: The late great Townes van Zandt (My rocket ship) Haselünne  Songwriterfestival
Barna Howard: Notches on a frame (Quite afeelin)

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