06 Feb 2002

Sopwith Camel: Hello hello Jolene: Drown in small cowgirl boots Chip Taylor / Jon Langford: Brixton Mekons: Chivalry Los de Abajo: Joder Tarbox Ramblers: Honey in the rock Austin Lounge Lizards: Ballad of Ronald Reaga Asylum Street Spankers: UFO atack Johnny Dowd: Golden rule Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel: Besame mucho Friends of Dean Martinez: Pollyanna […]

23 jan 2002

Robbie Fulks Liverpool Scene: Burdock River Run Robbie Fulks: The Buck Starts Here RF: She Took A Lot Of Pills And Died RF: She Must Think I Like Poetry RF: God Isn’t Real RF: Dancing On The Ashes RF: Real Money RF: Wedding Of The Bugs RF: Fuck This Town Brenda Freed: My Human Loves […]

09 Jan 2002

Bloodshot 2001 Asylum Street Spankers: Winning the war on drugs Wayne Hancock: Old man winter’s gonna rock n roll tonight Kelly Hogan: Speedfreak lullaby Neko Case: Alone and forsaken Sadies: The last of the good Yayhoos: What are we waiting for Sons of the Pioneers: Bound for the Rio Grande Alejandro Escovedo: Castanets Split Lip […]

26 Dez 2001

Best of 2001 10. Sadies: Tremendous efforts 9. Rich Hopkins: My lucky stars 8. Fink st 7. Steve Wynn: Here come the miracles 6. Dusminguet: Postrof 5. Bonnie Prince Billy Ease down the road 4. Vassar Clements: Full Circle 3. Lucinda Williams: Essence 2. Alejandro Escovedo: A man under the influence 1. Bob Dylan: Love […]

12 Dez 2001

Looking back on 2001 Beatles: Taxman Rich Hopkins: 8 miles high Sid Hillmann: Hope Rick Trevino:El gustito Ryan Adams: Lovesick Blues Buddy & Julie Miller: Forever has come to an end Beck: Stagolee Alison Krauss: The lucky one Markus Rill: Can’t help myself Denice Franke: Milo Handsome Family: None fell asleep alone Dan Bern: Cocaine/Blue […]

28 nov 2001

Chip Taylor: I read it in the Rolling Stone Chip Taylor: Fort Worth Thursday Night Rich Hopkins: N.Y. Blues Rich Hopkins La Luz Chris Richards: Tijuana Lullaby Chris Richards: The night is young Shiners: The Bridge Magic Car: Piano Wire Magic Car: Honey Babe Beachwood Sparks: Silver morning after Beachwood Sparks: Something I don’t recognize […]

14 Nov 2001

Special: Accordeon, PT II Kevin & the Blacktears: Deep in the heart of Texas Santiago Jimenez sr.: Aj te dejo San Antonio Santiago Jimenez jr: Negro ausencia Santiago Jimenez jr. El corrido de Emilio Cabrerra Valerio Longoria: El cancero Flaco Jimenez: No more running around Steve Jordan : Lamucura Clifton Chenier: Ay ay ay Austin […]

31 okt 2001

Take Root Festival, Assen, Blue Mountain interview Blue Mountain: Rye whiskey BM: I’m thinking tonight of my blue eyes BM: Haunted Kristi Rose: Man among men Jeffrey Halford: Stone’s throw Jeffrey Halford: Memphis Terry Garland: Dallas Handsome Family: So long Terry Garland: Going Home The Mayflies of Johnson County: Baltimore

19 Okt 2001

Take Root Festival, Assen Beasts of Bourbon: Psycho Bongwater: Kisses sweeter than wine Kim Richey: Fallin Dale Watson: Roadtrain Chitlin Fooks: The battle Dead Reckoners: Workin on it Sid Hillman: Phillips Avenue The Mayflies of Johnson County: Nightingale Jeffrey Halford: Crazy Horse Darren Stout: Rollin down the highway Bob Dylan: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum […]

17 Okt 2001

Special: Accordeon, Pt. I Dusminguet: Carretera del miedo Spain Attwenger: ½ Acht AustriaKomando: Oh my nut’s girl (ukranian folk song) Russia Lydie Auvray: Ca va France Juan Jose Mosalini: Seleccion de tangos ((El monito, Taconeando, Color de Rosa, Boedo, Mala Junta) Argentine Gourds: LGO USA Jimmy Brosch and his Country Boys: song of the war […]

05 Okt 2001

Continental Drifters, Take Root Festival, Assen Continental Drifters: That much a fool CD: Drifters CD: Watermark CD : Soul deep CD: Cousin Ray Wylie Hubbard : Black dog Dusminguet: Ritmo Americano Brendan Crocker: Walk the line BC: The shuffle Dim Subooteyo: Half Ponderosa Notting Hillbillies: That’s where I belong

03 okt 2001

Take Root Festival, Assen Kristi Rose: Theme from Pulp country Kristi Rose: Johnny Guitar Mary Gauthier: Jackie’s train Shoulders: The weatherman / Charm Gillian Welch: Red halo clay Gillian Welch: Caleb meyer Bob Dylan: Summer days Bob Dylan: Floater Sir Douglas Quintett: Dylan came lately Lucinda Williams: Blue Mekons: Brutal

22 Aug 2001

Take Root Festival, Assen Giant Sand: Satellite Eric Taylor: Game is gone Mississippi John Hurt: Worried Blues Woody Guthrie: Do Re Mi Norman Blake: Sweet Georgia Brown Norman Blake: Take the A Train Vassar Clements: White Room Kelly Joe Phelps: Beggar’s Oil Steve& Justin Earle: Candy Man Shiners: I’m a good ol rebel (Thrillbillys soundtrack) […]

08 Aug 2001

Special: Buffalo Springfield Neil Young: Bufalo Springfield Again Billy Ray Harrin: Old Man Fenokee Mark Merritt: You Can’t Stop If You Never Slow Down Sephen Phelbs: Tongues Of Angels Joker And The Thief: Hope Mod-est Lads: They Stand Straight Up Buffalo Springfield: Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing BS: I’m your KInd Of Guy BS: Out […]

25 Juli 2001

Special: Desert Rock Calexico: El Picador Giant Sand: Dusted Neil Young: Albuquerque Hazeldine: When you sleep Rainer: Curious and curiouser Friends of Dean Martinez: Main theme Mark Olson: Meeting in Long Pine Branded Geckos: Going home Rich Hopkins: Instrumental #1 Branded Geckos: Shangri La Fink: Immerhinda Campfire: She likes To Mambo

11 Juli 2001

Honeydogs: Those Things are here Gear Daddies: Dream Vacation Jayhawks: Fallen star Dan Brodie: Lover lover lover Backsliders: Hey Sherrif Jeff Talmadge: Angels on the lawn Jeff Talmadge: Haley Lucinda Williams: Reason To Cry Robert Mitchum: From a logical point of view Bonnie Prince Billy: Holly Home Bonnie Prince Billy: After I made love to […]

13 juni 2001

Special: Alejandro Escovedo Alejandro Escovedo: Everybody loves me Sadies: Mother of earth J Neo Marvin & the Content Providers: Vagabond, Order via email Split Lip Rayfield: River Clyde Wrenn: The promise True Believers: Ring the bell Alejandro Escovedo: Thirteen ears Alejandro Escovedo: With these hands Alejandro Escovedo: Rosalie Alejandro Escovedo:Wedding Day Dag King: One night […]

16 Mai 2001

Special: Bloodshot revival Friends of Dean Martinez: Siempre que Hank Thompson: California women Hank Penny: Crazy Rhythm Blue Mountain: Spring of 65 Blue Mountain: Band called Bud Cordelia’s Dad: Scarborough Fair Cordelia’s Dad: San Francisco Johnny Bond: Red River valley Rex Allen: A cowboys story Markus Rill: The deal Hangdogs: Angelina turns Markus Rill: Dry […]

18 April 2001

Special: Jim White Perry Road: Company Man Jenny Kerr Band: Clear a path Dan Bern: Joe Van Gogh Dan Bern: Krautmeyer Fugs: Nicaragua Phil Ochs: Power and Glory Darrell Arnold: Break right thru Jim White: A perfect day to chase Tornados Jim White: Heaven of my heart Jim White: God was drunk when he made […]

21 März 2001

Special: Gene Clark Byrds: Eight miles high Gene Clark: One in a hundred Byrds: Set you free this time Dillard & Clark: Train leaves here this morning Gene Clark& Carla Olson: Gypsy Rider Tim Easton: Half a day Steve Wynn: Shades of blue Jetsurfers: Green green grass of home Perry Road: Heart as heard as […]