26 Feb 2008

Mountain Heart: Down in the valley (White open)
Ray Davies: Vietnam Cowboys (Working man’s café)
Ed Sanders: The Maple Court Tragedy (Sanders’ Truckstops)
Charles Manson: Cease to exist
Waco Brothers: Revolution Blues (Do you think about me)
Ed Sanders: Yodelling Robot (Beer cans on the moon)
Jefferson Pepper: Paperback Romance (American Evolution)
American Music Club: The Victory choir (The golden age)
Let’s go sailing: Icicles (Chaos in order)
Uncle Dave Macon: Honest confession is good for the soul (Travellin down the road)
Furry Lewis: If you follow me babe (Take your time)
Shelby Lynne: Willie and Laura Mae Jones (Just a little lovin)
Bryan Lee: Katrina was her name (Katrina was her name)
Bryan Lee: Flat foot Sam

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