04 Oktober 2011



Yim Yames: Love you to (Mojo – Harison covered)
Ganglians: California (Uncut – Still smiling)
Mekons: Arthur’s angel (Ancient & modern)
100 Damned Guns: Ain’t that bad anymore (Musica de Tormento)
Ashcan Orchid: Devil’s tango (The woods)
Dirt Daubers: Be not afraid (Wake up sinners)
Heinrich XIII And The Devilgrass Pickers: he loves them country (Devilgrass Country )
The Whoreshoes (Get Lucky)
Pine Box Boys: The funeral (Tales From The Emancipated Head)
Paula Frazer: Tarnation (Now it’s time)
Bearfoot: Kill the rooster (American story)
Lydia Loveless: Jesus was a wino (Indestructible machine)

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