21 September



Jon Langford: 1234Ever (Old devils)
Chuck E. Weiss: Conga Square at midnight (Old songs and wolf tickets)
Darden Smith:  Mortal Coil (Marathon)
Willie Nelson: Satan, you’re kingdom must come down (Country Music)
Hugh Morrison: A man’s a man (Robert Burns rocks)
Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson: Bonaparte’s Lament (Gift)
Brian Wilson: It ain’t necessarily so (Reimagines Gershwin)
Dayna Kurtz & Mamie Minch: It’s not love but it’s not bad (For the love of Hazel)
Redemption Center: Showdown (Land of Plenty)
Jon Langford: River of Ice
Mavis Staples: You’re not alone (Ylou’re not alone)

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