07 September 2010



Dave Rawlings Machine: I hear them all (A friend of a friend)
Sally Timms: Down from Dover (Rockin in my dreamboat)
Marianne Faithful: Down from Dover
Dolly Parton: Letter to heaven (Best of country ladies)
Dolly Parton, Donna Fargo & Lynn Anderson: Little Blossom(16 great songs)
Hanks Snow: Answer to Little Blossom (singing Ranger)
Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal: Oscarine (Chamber Music)
Bill Frisell: Keep on the sunny side (Beautiful dreamers)
Richard Thompson: Big Sun falling in the river (Money shuffle)
JustinTownes Earle: Working for the MTA (Harlem River Blues)
JustinTownes Earle: Ain’t waitin (Harlem River Blues)
Ryan Bingham: Lay my head on the rail (Junky Star)
Bill Anderson: Po’ Folks (Country Heart Songs)

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