27 Juli 2010


Greg Brown Special


Greg Brown: Lullaby at the edge of town (44 and 66)
Greg Brown: Downtown
Greg Brown: The Tyger (Songs of Innocence and of Experience)
Alan Ginsberg: Tyger (First Blues)
Greg Brown: The monkey (One big town)
Joan Baez: Rexroth’s daughter (Dark chords on a big guitar)
Greg Brown: I never will marry ( Honey in the lion’s head)
Kelly Pardekooper: Whatever it was (House of mud)
Eliza Gilkyson: Sleeper (Going Driftless)
Greg Brown: Bucket: (Evening call)
Gillian Welch: Summer evening (Going Driftless)
Greg Brown: Good morning coffee (If I had known…Essential Vol. 1)

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