23 März 2010



Ryan Bingham:The weary kind (Crazy Heart)
Jeff Bridges: I don’t know (Crazy Heart)
Peter, Paul & Mary: Sorrow
Len Graham and Joe Holmes: Come tender-hearted christian (After Dawning)
Blue Mountain: Fair and tender ladies (Roots)
Neko Case: Wayfaring Stranger (Tigers have spoken)
John Hartford: Man of constant sorrow (Oh Brother, where art thou)
Jason Collett: Winnipeg winds (Rat a tat)
Alex Chilton: April in Paris (Looose shoes and tight pussy)
Teddy Morgan: Strobe light (Freight)
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate: Sabu Yerkoy (Ali & Toumani)
Spooky Tooth: That was only yesterday (Spooky two)
Johnny Cash: Ain’t no grave (American recordings VI)
Avertt Brothers: Ten thousand words (I and love and you)

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