17 Okt 2001

Special: Accordeon, Pt. I
Dusminguet: Carretera del miedo Spain
Attwenger: ½ Acht AustriaKomando: Oh my nut’s girl (ukranian folk song) Russia
Lydie Auvray: Ca va France
Juan Jose Mosalini: Seleccion de tangos ((El monito, Taconeando, Color de Rosa, Boedo, Mala Junta) Argentine
Gourds: LGO USA
Jimmy Brosch and his Country Boys: song of the war ( bude vojna bude) USA
The Watzloves: Lord have mercy Germany
Polkacide: Who stole the kishka? USA
Rico Bell: Merseysong USA
Tiger Moth: The duchess dressed in blue England
Joshua Sitole: Sedalini Thina (give us a change) South Africa
Antonio Rivas: Virgenes del sol Columbia
Merino Brothers: Mio padre el campesino Columbia
Il Trillo: 7 notti a durazo Italy
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