24 Juni 2006

Nine Pound Hammer: I’m yer huckleberry ((For a decade of sin)
Bottle Rockets: Mountain to climb ( Zoysia)
Mark Pickerel: A town too fast for the blues (Snake on the radio)
Meat Purveyors: Don’t be sorry (Someday soon things will be much worse)
Scott Biram: Going Home ( Graveyard Shift)
Cordero: La piedra (En este momento)
Meat Purveyors: Hanged Man
Alecia Nugent: I cried all the way to Kentucky ( A little girl .. a big four lane)
Tom Russell: Ash Wednesday ( Love and fear)
Kane, Welch, Kaplin: Mr. Bones ( (Lost John Dean)
Kane, Welch, Kaplin: Them wheels don’t roll anymore ( (Lost John Dean)
Wayne Hancock & Hank Williams III: Juke joint jumping (For a decade of sin)
Mark Pickerel: Ask the wind, ask the dust ( (Snake in the radio)

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