16 Aug 2006

Love: Everlasting First (False start)
Love: Message to Pretty (1st album)
Love: 7 & 7 is (Da capo)
Urge Overkill: Robert Montgomery ( We’re all normal and we want our freedom)
Calexico: Alone again or
Rich Hopkins: Signed DC ( Tinitus)
Go-Betweens: Cattle and cane
Mark Pickerell: Graffiti girl ( Snake in the radio)
Go-Betweens: Something for myself (Bright yellow, bright orange)
Mekons: Ghosts of American astronauts (So good it hurts)
Ryan Aadms: A kiss before I go (Jacksonville City Nights
RA: The hardest part
Golden Smog: Listen Joe (Another fine day)
Love: Live and let live (Forever Changes)

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