02 Mai 2023

Reg Meuross: The Jesus of Lubeck (Stolen from God)

Young Uns: Jack Merritt‘s Boots (Tiny Nores) 

Afton Wolfe: Cry (Twenty three)

Meredith Moon: That town (Constellations) 

Unthank: Smith: Robert Kay (Nowhere and everywhere)

Gurf Morlix: Heart (I challenge the beast) 

Blaze Foley: Elections day (The Complete Outhouse Sessions_ Night Two)

Robbie Fulks: Momma‘s eyes (Bluegrass vacation)

Bruce Kaphan: Undeserved ending  (Slider: Ambient excursions for pedal steel guitar)

Wood Brothers: Far from alone (Heart is the hero)

Spencer Collum: Betwixt and between (Spencer Collum‘s Coin Collection 2)

Emma Tricca: King Blixa (Aspirin sun)

Morgan Evans: On my own again (Life upside down)

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