21 Februar 2023

Irene Kelley: Six feet down (Snow white memories)
Joe Henry: Karen Dalton (All the eye can see) 
Karen Dalton: Same old man (In my own time) 
One Adam One: Living between the lines
Nadine: Ready to go (Downtown, Saturday)
Tapestri: Save your love (Tell me world)  
Chris Coole: I may not be much but I‘m all that I think about (The old man and c chord) 
Chris Coole: Delia (The old man and c chord)  
Erik Vincent Huey: Yours in the struggle (Appalachian Gothic) 
Eric Vincent Huey: That‘s what jukeboxes are for (Appalachian Gothic) 
Tex Perkins: Forgive us our children (Other world)
James Shorter: Search me Lord (Been here all my days)
John Leyton: Johnny remember me (Grim Reaper‘s Greatest Hits)

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