07 Februar 2023

Tom Ovans: Jesus wears a sixgun (The cure)
Bombadils: Records and Rent   (Dear friend) 
Charlie Sutton: Heroine of the Plains (Phantom Drifter) 
Maglory Dengluch: Curragh of Kildare (st) 
Angela Perley: Star Dreamer (Turn me loose) 
Steve Dawson: Small Town talk  (Eyes closed, dreaming)
Bobby Charles: Full moon on the bayou 
Steve Dawson: House carpenter 
Bob Dylan: House Carpenter (Bootleg Series 1-3)
Dylan: Bootleg Series Vol.17: Fragments
Bob Dylan: Cold irons bound (Remix)
Bob Dylan: The water is wide
Bob Dylan: Cold irons bound (Oslo 2000)

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