24 Januar 2023

Plainsong: Amelia Earhart‘s last flight (Norderstedt, 4.09.2012)
Paul siebel: Louise
Plainsong: Louise (Folk Fairport, 25.04.1972)
Jim and Jesse: Diesel on my trail
Plainsong: Diesel on my trail (LP)
Plainsong: Call the tune
Steve Miller: Quicksilver girl
Cat Stevens: How can i tell you
Plainsong: Side roads
Rick cunha: Yo Yo man im
Plainsong: Yo Yo Man (Utrecht, Radio M, 1997)
Judy Henske and Jerry Yester: Raider (Farewell Aldebaran)
Plainsong: Raider
Joni Mitchell: Amelia (Hejira)

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