27 Dezember 2022


Walking my Cat named dog:
Norma Tanega (Walking my cat named dog)
Les Surf: Mon Chat Qui S’appelle Médor
Barry McGuire (The world‘s last private citizen)
Art Blakey
Dida Pelled (Ryley Walker presents Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 9)

Norma Tanego: You‘re dead (Walking my cat named dog)
Norma Tanega: Clapham Junction (I don’t think it will hurt when you smile)
Dusty Springfield: Come for a Dream
They migt be giants: Walking my cat named dog (Why?)

Annie Capps: Crowded (How can I say this )
Peach and Quiet: Oklahoma or Arkansas (Beautiful thing)
Janice Burns & Jon Doran: As I roved out (No More the Green Hills)
Molly Tuttle: Side Saddle (Crooked tree)
Hermanos Gutierrez: Tres hermanos (El bueno y el Malo)
Hermanos Gutierrez: La Verdad (El bueno y el Malo)
Sarah Siskind: Porchloght (Modern Appalachia)

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