29 November 2022


Lula Wiles: One more night (st)
Lula Wiles: Morphine (What will we do)
Lula Wiles: Good old American Values (What will we do)
Eleanor Buckland: Static (You don‘t have to know)
Mali Obomsawin: Wawasint8da (Sweet Tooth)
Alanis Obomsawin: Bush Lady pt. 2 (Bush Lady)
Alanis Obomsawin: Nziealdam Bush Lady)
Isa Burke & Aoife O’Donovan:
Lula Wiles: Oh my god (Shame and sedition)

Eliza Carthy:Mr. Magnifico (Dreams of breathing underwater)
Eliza Carthy: Mr. Magnifico (Queen of the whorl ep.3 Stumbling on)
Eliza Carthy: Whirly Whorl (And the Kings of Calicutt)
Eliza Carthy: Whirly Whorl (Queen of the Whorl ep 1)

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