18 Oktober 2022

Siobhan Miller: Go, Move, Shift (Bloom)
Siobhan Miller: Wild Mountain Thyme (Bloom)
Markus Rill: Flesh & Blood & Bone (Everything we wanted)
Fara: Fair winds (Energy Islands)
Sadies: Ginger moon (Coldrer streams)
Sadies: End credits (Colder streeams)
KB Bailey: Driftwood Avenue (Flatlands)
Yo La Tengo: Pablo adn Andrea (Prisoner of love)
Miraculous Mule: John the Revelator (Old bones, new fire)
Ashley Hutchings: Lay down your weary tune (More songs from the shows)
Dr. John: I‘m so lonesome I could cry (Things happen that way)
Chris Canterbury: Yellow Mama (Quaalude lullabies)
Storyteller: Bosworth Field (Storyteller)

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