06 September 2022


B.J. Cole: You‘re probably lost (New hovering dog)
B.J. Cole: 2:57 (1982 + Bj Cole)
Cochise: Watch this space
Cochise: Down country girls (Swallow tales)
Cochise: Dance, dance, dance (So far)
Elton John: Tiny Dancer
Humble Pie: Only a roach (st)
Robert Plant: If it‘s really got to be this way (Sixty Six to Timbuktu)
Dave Edmunds: Dance dance dance (Rockpile)
Hank Wangford: Whiskey on my guitar (Cowboys stay on longer)
Martin Simpson: Home again (True Stories)
Roy Harper: Naked Flame (Bullinaminghvase)
Eliza Carthy: Whole (Angels and Cigarettes)

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