23 August 2022

Peter Mulvey: Pray for rain (Live is the only thing)
Fantastic Cat: Amigo (The very best of …)
Fantastic Cat: C‘mon Armageddon (The very best)
Fritillaries: Together in flight (st)

Pedal Steel Part
Luke Schneider: Yosemite (VA – Luke Schneider Presents Imaginational Anthem vol. XI)
Roger Kleier: Orion on the Horizon (Secular Steel)
Steve Dawson: The waters rise (Phantom Threshold)
Steve Dawson: You still believe in me (Phantom Threshold)

Wilderness Yet: Carol of the flood (What holds the world together)
Brother Brothers: That‘s how I got to Memphis
Colorblind James Experience: Considering a move to Memphis (st)
Steve Wallis: Amsterdam (Nothing stays the same way for long)

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