14 Juni 2022

Special: Mighty Baby

Look out for the ROOTS SPECIAL on Mighty Baby

Action: Land of 1000 dances (Shadows and reflections)

Reg King: In and out (Looking for a dream)

Mighty Baby: I‘m from the country (Mighty Baby)

Mighty Baby: Stone unhenged (Live in the Attic)

Mighty Baby: The happiest man in the carnival (A jug of love)

Might Baby: Devil‘s whisper

Andy Roberts: Creepy John (Homegrown)

Shelagh McDonald: Look over the hill and far away (Let no man steal your thyme)

Gary Farr:  Margie (Strange fruit)

Keith Christmas: Metropolis (Stimulus)

Robin Scott: The purple cadger (Woman from the warm grass)

Habibiyye: If man but knew (If man but knew)

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