07 September 2021

Sturgill Simpson: Juanita (The ballad of Doods and Juanita)
Sierra Ferrell: The sea (Long time coming)
Bryan Rahija: Storm Queen (Timber)
David Olney & Anana Kaye: Margarita (Whispers and Sighs)
David Olney & Anana Kaye: Last days of Rome(Whispers and Sighs)
Faux Paws: She’s not looking for you (st)

Oh Death:
Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Oh Death (Executioner’s last songs) (Diane Izzo)
Kaleidoscope: Oh death (Side trips)
Gangstagrass: Oh death (Broken hearts and stolen money)
Pace Jubilee Singers: Oh death (Four harmony kings (1926)

Abby Posner: Emergency use only (single)
Nathan Bell: American gun (Red, white and american blues)
Ringlefinch: Ophelia (Tall tales)

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