20 April 2021

Special: Poetry and Music

Mickey Hart: Drones du jour (Allen Ginsberg ‘The Fall of America’ 50th Anniversary Tribute Album)
Andrew Bird: Easter sunday (Allen Ginsberg ‘The Fall of America’ 50th Anniversary Tribute Album)
Fugs: Ah sunflower weary of time (1st)
Fugs: River of shit (2nd album)
Ed Sanders: They‘re cutting my coffin at the sawmill ( Sanders‘truckstop)
Fugs: I want to know. Lyrics: Charles Olson
Van Morrison: Song of being a child; Lyrics: Peter Handke
Robert Creeley, Steve Swallow: Have we told you you‘d thought to know
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Last prayer (The last waltz)
Jack Kerouac – Readings from ‘On the Road’ and ‘Visions of Cody‘
Pete Brown: Morning Call (A meal you can shake hands with in the dark)
Mekons & Kathy Acker: Song about dogs (Pussy King of the Pirates)
John Cooper Clarke: Thirty Six Hours ( Snap, crackle and bop)
Hans Magnus Enzensberger: Hallelujah im Niemandsland
Allen Ginsberg: Tyger (First blues)
Allen Ginsberg: Ruhr-Gebiet (In Wuppertal 1980)

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