23 Februar 2021


Stingers: Mustang (Tabu Vol.2)
Carter Family: On my way to Canaan‘s Land (Take Me to the Water – Immersion Baptism in Vintage Music and Photography 1890-1950)
Orville J. Jenks – Sprinkle Coal Dust On My Grave (Songs And Ballads Of The Bituminous Miners)
Rusty Adams: Hippie from Mississippi (Plantation Gold_The Mad Genius Of Shelby S. Singleton And Plantation_SSS Records 1967-1976 CD1)
Music Machine: The eagle never hunts the fly (Mindrocker, Mindrocker. Anthology Of 60s US-Punk Garage Psych)
Piltdown Men: Tequila Bossa Nova (Mambo 14)
Graham Parker: The rose of England (Labor of love)
Ron Thompson: Switchblade (Keb Darge & Little Edith’s Legendary Wild Rockers)
Esmereldy and her shotgun Five: Put Down Yore Shootin’ Iron Pappy (Just Plain Folks_ Country Songs of the Old Folks at Home)
Mark Lanegan: Constant waiting (Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions: We are only riders)
Bailes Brothers: Romans ten and nine (Goodbye Babylon CD 5)
Rattles: The witch (Die Deutschen Beatbands)
Tenores de Sarule: A gonare (Antologia della Musica Sarda Antica e Moderna)
Dock Boggs: Bright sunny south (Classic Banjo from Smithsonian Folkways)

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