09 Februar 2020

Brigitte DeMeyer: Already in (Seeker) v
Luther Dickinson: Chevrolet (Live 2016)
Tav Falco: Have I the right (Shadow dancer)
Frank Sinatra: World we knew
Divorcees: Saltwater cowboys (From labour to refreshment)
Seannachie: Mormond Braes (Within_The_Fire)
Merton Parkas: Tears of a clown (The complete mod collection)
Redeye Carava: El Muerto (Nostrum remedium)
Tony Rice Unit: I hope you have learned (Manzanita)
Fugs: Dover beach
Righteous Brothers: White cliffs of Dover
Dudu Pukwana: Izulu Liyaduduma (Spears)
Raincoats: No side to fall in (st)
Passions: Hunted

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