15 Dezember 2020

Anton O‘Donnell: New Year or Halloween (Christmas ain‘t the same)
Phoebe Bridgers: If we make it through december
Ed Dupas: This old heart
Anna Elizabeth Laube: Jardim da Estrela (Annamania)
Scott H. Biram: Can‘t stay Long (Fever dreams) texa
Morton Valence: Black eyed Susan (Black angel drifter)
Morton valence: John Young (Bob and Veronica ride again)
Don & Dewey: Baby gotta party (Jungle Hop)
Primitives: Way behind me (Girls go power pop)
Iam Skelly: Gold in the mud (Drifter‘s skyline)
Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan: Our anniversary
Skyway Man: Night walking, alone (The world only ends when you die)
Kelsey Waldon: Ohio (They‘ll never keep us down)

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