08 Sept. 2020

All Them Witches: The urn (Our mother electriciry)
Kate Magdalena: Downtown (Water is wide)
Andi Rae Healy and the Black River Bullies: This is not a sad song (Last time I checked this was a free world and I wasn‘t anybody‘s girl)

Special: Knoxville Girl

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan: The Berkshire Tragedy (Starry Gazy Pie)
Handsome Family: Knoxville Girl (Smothered and covered)
Ella Hughes: Bloody Miller (The Pine Breeze Recordings)
Boxmasters: Knoxville Girl (The Boxmasters)
Chales Louvin & Will Oldham: Knoxville Girl (Charlie Louvin)
GG Allin: Watch me kill (Topic)

Mean Mary: Breathless (Alone)
Scott Cook: Say can you see (Tangle of soul)
Ben Bedford: Amelia (Portraits)

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