16 Juni 2020

Sarah Jarosz: Hometown ( World on the ground)

Amberly Chalberg: Wishing well

Blabbermouth vs. Lachlan Young: Cosmic3logy ( The edge of reason)

Little Sparta & Sally Times: Two shores (Lost boat party) 

Anton and the Colts: Boy living for the weekend 

I see hawks in LA & Great Willow: Radio keeps me on the ground

GF Patrick: Refugee‘s plea  / James McGovern (One town over)

Neil Young: Try (Homestead)

Spectres: Hurdy gurdy man (A slight disturbance in my mind)

Kirkbys: It‘s a crime (A slight …)

Chuck Prophet: Willie and Millie (The land that time forgot)

Paisley Fields: Other boys (Electric Park Ballroom)

GF Patrick:  James McGovern (One town over

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