07 April 2020

Joan Baez: Hello in there (for John Prine)
Amy LaVere: Shipbuilding (Painting blue) 
Sam Sweeney: Winter 350 (Unearth repeat)
Lilly Hiatt: Little believer (Walking proof) 
Rowan Stuart: Sacred rhythm ( A map if forever)
Basia Bulat: Electric Roses (Are you in love) 
Trilogy: The royal shut (I’m beginning to feel it)
Rachel Baiman: Until you came along (Rachel Baiman & Mike Wheeler – ‘The “Countin On You” Sessions)
Nora Jane Struthers: Take all your time (Bright lights, long drives, first words) 
Unthanks: One by one (Diversions Vol. 5)
Maya Rae: New for me (Can You See Me)
Mapache: Me voy pa’l pueblo (From Libety Street)
James Elkington: Late Jim’s lament (ever-roving eye)

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