21 Mai 2019


John Wesley Harding: It’s only make believe (Gratest other peole’s hits)
Abbie Gardner: Wallflower days (Wishes on a neon sign)
Mimi Farina & Tom Jans: Letter to Jesus (Take heart)
Tom Waits: Whistle down the wind (Bone machine)
Resonant Rogues: Autumn of the world (Autumn of the world)
Union Duke: Torn in two (Golden days)
Rising Appalachia: Speak out (Leylines)
Vilma Flood: People song (Moodswinger)
Blue Murder: Rubber band (No one stands alone)
Dando Shaft: Thruxton flute
Freakwater: Take me with you (Brooklyn 2016)
Rhianon Giddens: Little Margaret (There is no other)
Nikki Lane: Jackpot (Highway Queen)
Drifters: On Broadway

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