26 März 2019

Della Mae: Sixteen tons (The Butcher Shoppe EP)
Kaz Murphy: Stella Rae (Ride out the storm)
Mother Sturctman’s Jam and Jelies: For your love ( I wanna come back from the world of lsd)
Dick Dale: Misirlou (Best of)
Andre Williams: Hall Of Fame (I wanna go back to Detroit City)
Alex Chilton: Little GTO (From Memphis to New Orleans)
Bonnie Prince Billy: Southside of the world (Dream of a drunk)
Residents: Is he really bringing roses (Eskimo)
Copper Viper: Slow down (Cut it down, count the ring)
Mekons: Andromeda (Deserted)
The Specials: Ten commandments (Encore)
Danni Nichols: Lemonade (The melted morning)
Leyla McCalla: Heavy as lead (Capitalist Blues)
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