08 Okt 2007


Weakerthans: Relative surplus value (Reunion Tour)
Beirut: Le banlieu (The flying club cup)
Bettye Lavette: They call it love (The scene of the crime)
Steve Earle: Days aren’t long enough (Washington Square serenade)
Robert Wyatt: Be serious (Comicopera)
Iron & Wine: Lovesong of the buzzard (The Shepherd’s Dog)
Iron & Wine: House by the sea (The Shepherd’s Dog)
Steve Earle: City of immigrants (Washington Sqaure serenade)
Weakerthans:Night windows (Rerunion tour)
Joe Henry: (Cicilians)
Boss-Tones: Mope-Itty Mope (Roots of the captain – Gimme dat harp boy)
Duke Mitchell: The Lion (Roots of the captain – Gimme dat harp boy)
Dave Davies: Death of a clown

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