05 Dezember 2017

runner This show was never finished and therefore never aired


Courtney Marie Andrews: How quickly your hearts mend (Honest life)
Margo Price: Learning to lose (All American made)
Caroline Spence: All the beds I’ve made (Spades and Roses)
Dori Freeman: Ern and Zorry’s sneakin bitin dog  (Letters never read)
Lydia Loveless: Lover’s spat (Boy crazy and single(s)
Nora Jane Struthers: Robot (Champion)
Nora Jane Struthers: Show me (Champion)
Angel Olsen: Sweet dreams (Phases)
Amelia White: Sinking sun (Rhythm of the rain)
Alice DiMicele: Voice of the water (One With The Tide)
Marry Waterson & David A. Jaycock: Gunshot lips (Death Had Quicker Wings Than Love)
Marry Waterson & David A. Jaycock:: Sing me into your tunes (Two wolves) 2015
Cornshed Sisters: Show me (Honey and tar)
Julie Fowlis: An Aghaidh Fàilte Na Mòr-Thìr (Response to Fàilte Na Mòr-Thìr) (Alterum)

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