18 Juli 2017




Bonnie Prince Billy: No time to cry (Best troubador)
BPB & Tortoise: That’s Pep (The brave and the bold)
BPB & Mariee Sioux: Bird child (Bonnie & Mairie)
Chivalrous Amoekons: Big Zombie (Fanatic voyage)
BPB & Dawn McCarthy BPB: Milk train (What the brothers sang)
BPB: Senor (Lay and love)
BPBy: Minor Place (I see a darkness)
BPB: Agnes ( Agnes, queen of sorrow)
Johnny Cash: I see a darkness (Solitary Man: American III)
Will Oldham: Bogo (Seafarers music)
BPB: Wolf among wolves (Master and everyone)
BPB Just to see my holly home (Ease down the road)

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