20 Juni 2017



Builders and the Butchers: Edge of a knife (The spark)
Ed Dupas: Heading home again (Tennessee Night)
Secret Sisters: Tennessee River runs love (You don’t owe me anything)
Grateful Dead: Uncle john’s Band (remastered ( Long Strange Trip Soundtrack)

Gene Clark: One hundred years from now ( Lost Studio sessions)
Dan Auerbach: Livin in sin (Waiting on a song)
Slaid Cleaves: Primer gray (Ghost on the car radio)
Tom Russell: Short grass (Play one more The songs of Ian and Sylvia)
Lyle Lovett: If I had a boat (Greatest hits)

Beatles; Sgt. pepper’s Lonely hearts club band (splhcb)
Rainer Ptacek: Within you without you (Why don’t we do it in the road – Uncut sampler)
Oummou Sangare: Minata Warabe (Mogoya)
Rev. Sekou: Lod, I am running (In times like tzhese)
North Mississippi All Stars: Bid you goodnight (Prayer for peace)

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