10 Mai 2016




Judy Collins: Farewell to Tarwathie (Whales and Nightingales)
Louis Armstrong: Jonah and the whale (Funeral songs)
JB Lenoir: The whale has swallowed me (Vietnam blues)
Mustard and Gravy: The whale did, I know he did (Turn me loose)
Van Dyker Parks: Greenland whale fisheries (Rogue’s gallery)
Pogues: Greenland whale fisheries (Red roses for me)
Danny Spooner: The whale catchers (The great Leviathan: Songs of the whaling industry)
Kelly Joe Phelps:  (brother sinner and the whale)
Tom Waits: Starving in the belly of the whale (Blood money)
Tinklers: Whale song (Casserole) shimmy disc
Jon Langford: Inside the whale (Skull Orchard)
Country Joe McDonald: Save the whales (Paradise ocean view)
Graham Nash: To the last whale (Reflections)
Magpie: Song of the whales (Circle of life)

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