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Jan 19 2010

Kate McGarrigle died

Autor: nobby. Abgelegt unter Music

Kate Mc Garrigle died on January 18th 2010 in Montreal. Let me share a few thoughts:

In 1972/73 I got tired and fed up with Yes-style rock stuff and instead of listening to boring Starway to heaven I turned my ears to Albvert Ayler, Ornette Coleman and Globe Un ity Orchesra. For bout 5 years I didn’t listen to any rock music at all.

Then our nice German state thought that I was a threat and danger and didn’t allow me to work as a teacher for a year. I moved to Berlin and got into reach of BFBS and John Peel again. That opened my ears for rock etc. once again. I dug deep into punk and post punk. In the same time I bought the first book of the fantastic Rock Session series of Rowohlt. The top ten lists of the authors sound promising and on the list was a record by Kate and Ann McGarrigle. Folk music by the was only a gone love for me.  Nevertheless I bought the first Lp of the sisters, which by then was already two years old. Immediately after listening I went out and bought the second ‘Dancer with bruised knees’ too.

Pure and fragile as they sounded to me I felt a strength familiar to those jazz and punk experiences. In the same year there was a TV show (hosted by Thomas Gottschalk) which featured a 45 minutes live show. I still have the (audio) recording. After ‘Dancer’ I didn’t hear much new stuff of them although I gave their records a regular spin. The silence (I learned a while later) was due to the birth of Kate’s children Rufus and Martha. The sisters left the road and the recording studio to care for them. When both kids got famous they revealed that their father (Loudon Wainwright was not the best father at all.

Many years later I saw Kate and Ann McGarrigle perform at Blue Highways in Utrecht. Although their later recordings may not be as fantastic their earlier ones they had a lasting influence on the Canadian folk scene and many songs have been covered by a lot of other artists.

I’ll play some of her songs in my next radio show.

Transatlantic Sessions of BBC recorded a very fine version of ‘Hard Times’ with the sisters, Kate’s son Rufus and others:

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Jan 01 2010


Autor: nobby. Abgelegt unter Music, Review

World boogie is coming. I’m just dead, I’m not gone.

(James Luther Dickinson)

ldI guess I got this attitude in those magic days of 1965-1968, when nearly each new record you heard carried a complete new musical attitude, sound or fusion. Records like the Kinks “Face to face” (just to name this and not Revolver or Sgt. Pepper) had both an alltogether feeling and coherence but were none the less collections of 10 or 12 perls of their own. Looking at these days music in the ‘Roots’ folder seems to be pretty conservative  especially most of this year’s releases. There’s an enormous hype about bands like ‘Bands of Heathens’, whose music is quite pretty without a doubt - but they dare nothing. Next year there’ll be another combo and drag the same reviews upon them - daring and offering nothing (but good music).

Maybe the most daring thing might be a total commitment to roots, maybe just one microphone, maybe just one or two takes, maybe no new songs, maybe only one or two days between the idea and the result. All of this is true with Luther Dickinson’s new CD. It’s his first solo cd (as far as I know) and was recorded just three days after his dad’s death on August 15th. Jim Dickinson was not only an unique musician - he was one of the few who rank amongst the top ten of all time but remained virtually unknown to a broader public.

Onward and upward is the first record after quite a long time that really moved me. It’s as simple as the Bristol Recordings the Carter Family did, but it doesn’t lack anything. Dickinson takes care about the songs and each second you feel why he did record this album. In that way it reminds me of Cash’s American Recordings. Dickinson is assisted by the two Mudboys (his father’s legendary band) Sid Selvidge and Jim Crosthwait and others. Btw. Dickinson and Crosthwait relased their first single in 1962, when drummer Crosthwait was only 16, but earned two dollars more cause he had to carry more equipment. It’s these stories and the old songs on this record that reach deep into american music’s roots.
I’m not good in explaining music so you should listen to it. Hear excerpts by Amazon and buy it from Zebra Ranch. There are some reviews on Zebra Ranch as well. Another review is from Dirty Linen.

Songs are:

1. Let It Roll
2. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
3. Learning On the Everlasting Arms
4. Up Over Yonder
5. Softy and Tenderly
6. Back Back Train
7. Angel Band
8. Where the Soul of A Man Never Dies
9. You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley
10. In The Garden
11. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning
12. Glory Glory
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