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Monatsarchiv für Dezember 2009

Dez 27 2009

Vic Chesnutt (* 12. November 1964 in Jacksonville, Florida; † 25. Dezember 2009 in Athens, Georgia)

Autor: nobby. Abgelegt unter Music

chesnutt80_jpgVic Chesnutt was a real original. I guess he had  a real hard life after a car crash in 1983. But who I am to know. His songs were realistic and poetic. I had the chance to record a show at the Orange Blossom Special June 1983 in Beverungen for my radio program. A year later I tallked to him and took a few photos at the Take Root Festival in Assen.

More about Vic Chesnutt: English Wikipedia / German Wikipedia

You can download his show from Beverungen RIGHT HERE and there are some other pictures too:

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Dez 09 2009

Zeitungsbericht zum Bürgermeisterbesuch

Autor: nobby. Abgelegt unter Schule

Am Dienstag kamen Bürgermeister und Schulausschuss der Gemeinde in unsere Schule, um die Fortschritte im Bereich Informationstechnologie zu begutachten. Im Wesentlichen ging es um die Notebookklassen, Smartboards, den neuen PC-raum und die Medien AG.

Die Meppener Tagespost veröffentlichte am Tag darauf einen Bericht.

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Dez 07 2009

Micah P. Hinson: All Dressed Up And Smelling Of Strangers

Autor: nobby. Abgelegt unter Review

One reviewer couldn’t understand why an artist should make his 3rd album a cover album, even more if this is a double cd package. You might as well say an artist should make a cover album his first one, making clear what his influences are. From this point of view Hinson’s work is absolutely necessary. Not only has he chosen perfect examples of pain and lonliness songs, which fit quite well to his own compositions. He often tries to make the songs his own, which is the best way to treat someone else’s songs. In general he succeeds although Time’s They Are A-Changing is quite lame and I don’t feel he gives anything more or else than Dylan did. But then I read that other reviwers discard those contributions that I hold as the strongest. So I guess a cover version says more about the cover artist and the listener as well. Both have their attitude to the original and their expectations towards the new version. This only makes sense with the songs you know beforehand - and indeed you listen to the unknown songs in a different way. Favourites of mine are ‘Suzanne’ in which (like ‘Times’) Hinson stays quite near to Cohen’s version but by doing this you can judge his voice which fits perfectly to the weary country noir songs we know from the first albums. My Way is quite risky: He doesn’t get the high notes which makes the song even more desperate. Sinatra’s proud and of self convidence, Sid Vicious was full of anger and Hinson is mere desperate: he knows he failed.
Instrumentation is really stripped down: to the strummed guitar sometimes he adds a pedal steel, a bit of banjo and on ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’ an organ. Elvis’s song is quite slow song in a very low tone. A bar song for a woman who has already left. She might be lonesome but he’ll stay lonesome too.
A remarkable recording with  a lot of mixed even bad reviews. Try it.

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Dez 02 2009

Lue Edmond’s 578th incarnation

Autor: nobby. Abgelegt unter Mekons, Music

Lu Edmond’s been born once again. In fact his new (still forthcoming) cd is what you might have expected from him. All his activities in ‘world music’ circuits have influenced his playing in the Mekons or the Blokes. The CD is highly welcomed as a result on his way to an album of his own (what might be called a solo album). Imagine him playing with all the guys he accompanied and influenced on one album.


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